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What is Piece of Pie Creative?

Piece of Pie Creative is Constantin Chirila's professional brand. It expresses his creative identity in personal and collaborative projects and it is the ambassador of his work on all spectrums of the online community. Supported by strong partnerships with web developers and programmers, Piece of Pie Creative came to life as a representation of an eclectic style.

Constantin Chirila - Visual Designer

I love being a creative and constantly developing ideas that can impact others. This philosophy led me to become a multidisciplinary artist who enjoys working in areas like web design, graphic design and photography. My thirst for learning new things and enthusiasm for everything technical, has provided me with skills like graphic design, web design and front-end development including illustration, user interface design, and mobile app design. I enjoy working in a friendly environment and I value customer satisfaction. I am proud to be a self-taught artist who managed to gather more than three years of experience doing freelance work before actually studying for a university degree. I am driven, friendly, and always eager to learn and improve the quality of my work.

Currently I am engaged with experimenting with CSS3, HTML5, Game design and app development as well as trying to dip my toes into motion graphics.

Here is a short round up of skills where I can prove my worth: Front End Development, Graphic and Web Design, Print Design, Photography, Identity, Image Manipulation, Illustration, User Interface and User experience, as well as a bit of video production and advertising.

Here is what I can use: Adobe Package (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects), Cinema 4D, CSS (CSS3), HTML (HTML5), Wordpress Development, jQuery and SEO.